Our Programmes

Are a free, comprehensive four-year University access program that aims to provide foster children the academic support, enrichment and resources needed to enrol and succeed in higher education.

We partner with universities, local community networks, virtual schools, local charities and organisations.

Care experienced children have a 733% increased chance of going to university compared to their peers once on a programme.

Core Programme Features

GCSE Tutoring

This tackles the first big hurdle for care experienced young people. We aim for all our scholars to reach a level 4 and beyond in English, Maths and Science.

A-Level Tutoring

To provide scholars with the resources and support needed to successfully transition to Higher Education

Life Skills

We prepare our scholars for independent living. Teaching financial management, nutrition,


Strategic thinking, aspiration building and goal setting


Tools needed to gain successful employment. Career planning and goal setting.

Well Being

Regulating emotions and understanding when you need to ask for support

University Partners

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Alumni Voices

First star helped me find my way. I’m doing travelling, working and I think I’m at the happiest place I've been in a long time. its nice to have people you can go to, to talk about your problems
First star is a place to build a story with people who are in a similar situation to your own. A place to learn life skills, go on fun activities and create everlasting memories.
I stayed because I feel like I fit in a lot of places, but this is where home is, they actually know every interior part of me. I don’t really tell people about my past and everything it's literally a secret; not a secret because I’m embarrassed, but its just easier to not let people kind of know you, but these people do and I definitely gained confidence

Training & Extensive Support

For children in care

     First Star programmes develop and implements a life skills curriculum to ensure children in care are prepared for adulthood. 

      Workshops focus on psycho-social, self-efficacy skills, and include topics such as budgeting, nutrition, healthy relationships, and substance abuse.

      We provide a fulfilling and supportive environment appreciating collaboration and valuing diversity.