Empowering Children In Care

We believe that every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and achieve the best!

Whatever their background, whatever their path.

Commissioned by First Star Scholars UK

Breaking The Care Ceiling

“Just because we’re in care and we may not

have had good upbringing or whatever,

it doesn’t mean because of that you’re

being stopped from having a good future

or going to university. The label ‘care’

shouldn’t stop you from doing it.”  Care Leaver

Our Impact

First Star Programmes
1 %
In Training or Employment
1 %
Progressing To HE
1 %
Passed GCSEs

A Glimpse into Our Community

Take a peek inside the World of First Star

Our Why

Young people in foster care often experience much greater trauma than their peers and need support to form positive, long term relationships.


They are continuously moved from schools and placements which drastically effects academic & social development

Hope & Aspiration

Engagement among First Star Scholars is very high with 98.2% retention in UoW and FS2U programmes.

Risk of incarceration

Care experienced people make up 40% of the adult prison population


NO scholars or alumni are part of the criminal justice system

Risk of Homelessness

25% of care leavers experience homelessness within the first 2 years of independence.


NO scholars or alumni are homeless

Find out more –  What’s at Stake

Our Programmes

First Star partners with universities to deliver holistic programmes for children in care. Each programme supports a cohort of 30 Scholars who stay with the programme for 4 years. Starting with a summer residential at the end of year 9 with at least 6 hours of monthly tutoring covering GCSEs, post-16 study skills, life skills, leadership, well being & employability. 

Training & Extensive Support

For children in care

     First Star programmes develop and implement a life skills curriculum to ensure children in care are prepared for adulthood. 

     Workshops focus on psycho-social, self-efficacy skills, and include topics such as budgeting, nutrition, healthy relationships and substance abuse.

     We provide a fulfilling and supportive environment, appreciating collaboration and valuing diversity.



Alumni Voices

First Star helped me find my way. I’m doing travelling, working and I think I’m at the happiest place I've been in a long time. It's nice to have people you can go to to talk about your problems.
First Star is a place to build a story with people who are in a similar situation to your own. A place to learn life skills, go on fun activities and create everlasting memories.
These people here are not just people on a programme, they are my friends, family and siblings now. I love them with all my heart we’ve been through it all.