Empowering Children In Care

We believe that every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential and achieve the best!

Whatever their background, whatever their path.

First Star announces partnership with Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

We are delighted to announce the ground breaking agreement between First Star Scholars and Emmanuel College that will see our newest programme start in 2024. 

Our Director Rachel Osborne is leading the development of this programme and in January will be recruiting staff and scholars.  Email Rachel for further information at [email protected]

Bridging Success: Town and Gown Together 

Volunteers – we are keen to engage with our local community and connect individuals and organisations equally keen to support our young scholars throughout their GCSE study years and post 16 school/college years (years 12-13).  Our support extends beyond compulsory schooling into higher education, further training and employment.  We are seeking volunteer mentors to support care experienced young people and ‘be there’ for scholars to help them reach their potential. Contact Rachel for further information. 

Community groups, businesses and charities – would you like to help, support our young people in Cambridge, and be part of 

                        Bridging Success: Town and Gown Together 


Programme Director Rachel Osborne – [email protected] 


Executive Director Dr Lorna Goodwin – [email protected]

First Star impact

First Star Programmes and 2 programmes completed
1 %
of our First Star graduates in Training or Employment
1 %
of First Star graduates progressing To HE
1 %
of First Star scholars passed GCSEs at grade 5 or higher

Breaking The Care Ceiling

Commissioned by First Star Scholars UK

“Just because we’re in care and we may not

have had good upbringing or whatever,

it doesn’t mean because of that you’re

being stopped from having a good future

or going to university. The label ‘care’

shouldn’t stop you from doing it.”  Care Leaver

How Many Care Leavers go to University – IN THE NEWS

Care leavers barely register at top universities
Young people leave care, then are hung out to dry. Whydon’t we help them get to university instead?

Floella Benjamin

Care leaver university entry-gap ‘would take 100 years to close’
Too few care-leavers make it to university – but London is leading the way, report says
I grew up in care but now I’m at a top university. This shouldn’t be so rare
There’s far more to do on university access for care experiencedpeople
Why are there only five care leavers at Oxford University but 65 atCambridge?
By Frank Young

A Glimpse into Our Community

Take a peek inside the World of First Star

Empowering Dreams and Futures

For children in care

     At First Star, our mission is to unlock the full potential of children in foster care. We achieve this through our university-based programmes, where we connect Scholars with positive role models and caring adults who nurture their ambitions, build a culture of achievement and limitless dreams.


     First Star empowers children in care to plan for their long-term success, creating an inclusive and supportive environment that paves the way for their bright futures.

Alumni Voices

First Star helped me find my way. I’m doing travelling, working and I think I’m at the happiest place I've been in a long time. It's nice to have people you can go to to talk about your problems.
First Star is a place to build a story with people who are in a similar situation to your own. A place to learn life skills, go on fun activities and create everlasting memories.
These people here are not just people on a programme, they are my friends, family and siblings now. I love them with all my heart we’ve been through it all.