Meet The Team

Lorna executive director

Dr. Lorna Goodwin

Executive Director

It’s my job to guide our strategic aspirations, working closely with the Board of Trustees. I’m delighted to be leading the expansion of our programmes into at last 5 hubs nationwide, alongside increasing impact evaluation and advocacy for care experienced young people

Andy Hall

Programme Director FS2U

Over the years, my work in education has primarily focused on attainment and attendance, but more recently I have taken on the responsibility of overseeing the LAC (Looked After Children) provision at a large secondary school.

Through this role, I have gained valuable experience in understanding the unique challenges faced by young people in care and the skills required to support them throughout their education.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pilot scholars on their journey towards a successful future.

Rachel Osborne

Programme Director

I am an interim Programme Director for First Star. I will be working with the Executive Director to establish First Star in additional higher education institutes.

I am an experienced educational practitioner with a passion for social equality, dedicated to bridging the gap for those who are care-experienced.

Rees Campbell

Alumni & Project Manager

As someone with care experience and a personal aspiration for higher education, my involvement with First Star ignites a profound passion within me. I understand the challenges faced by individuals in care who aspire to pursue higher education but lack the necessary guidance or role models to navigate the path.

This unique perspective places me in a position to connect with and advocate for the best interests of young people, ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they deserve.

Programme Directors

We are joined by our First Star Programme Directors

Nick and Randa at St Mary’s and Will at Winchester 

Nick Turk

Director at First Star St Mary's

Nick was the First full-time Director and has led the St Mary’s programme since it started in 2017.

Randa Turqui

Assistant Director at First Star St Mary's

Randa is currently completing her Master’s in Education with a focus on Looked After Children

Will Kelly

Director at First Star Winchester

With a passion for promoting the success of young people through education and life experiences

To be Confirmed

Director at First Star Staffordshire

Next steps –  we are fundraising to launch First Star at Staffordshire University.