From Arguments to Motivation: Finding my Purpose

In life, friendships often blossom through shared experiences. For me and my friend Teshie, our friendship was forged through a spirited argument about the fate of sea animals and feminism. Although we initially clashed with differing opinions, this exchange not only deepened our bond but also unveiled my hidden talent for debating (because I won all of those debates).

Teshie and I were both strong-willed people, passionately arguing for our respective viewpoints during our debate nights. We confronted each other head-on, each fuelled by a deep sense of conviction. I argued for placing sea animals in aquariums, believing it would provide them with necessary care and education for the public. Teshie, on the other hand, championed the cause of saving these animals and preserving their natural habitats. Our differing perspectives brought us to a point of tension, but it was through this clash of ideas that our friendship began to take root.

Despite our disagreements, Teshie and I recognised the passion within each other. We saw beyond our differences and embraced the qualities that made us unique. Our shared commitment to standing up for what we believed in lead to developing a mutual respect and admiration.

Empowered by my own journey, I have taken it upon myself to advocate for my friends within the foster care system. I offer a listening ear, provide guidance, and do my best to ensure their voices are heard. This commitment to supporting and empowering others has become an integral part of who I am.

The experience of debating with Teshie and advocating for my friends has ignited a passion for justice within me. Recognising the impact I can make as a lawyer; I have chosen this path as my calling. I Now study LLB law not just law at St Marys University.

First Star not only provided me an environment to grow and make true friendships but through their advocacy they have found me a mentor with GibsonDunn & Crutcher LLP. As someone who was very shy when they started First Star I have grown into confident, charming, parental figure for my fellow scholars and, I am looking forward to the future.