Nurturing Dreams, Embracing Challenges: My Journey to University and Beyond

“I’ve always had the idea that I wanted to go to Uni even before I came to First Star”

In this blog post Monica a Guardian Scholar & youth coach recounts her experiences during her time at First Star.

It was a stroke of luck that this idea was instilled within me at a young age. First Star UK, an organisation dedicated to empowering foster children, played a pivotal role in broadening my horizons and promoting a belief in my own potential. Peter Samuelson, the founder and chair at First Star, often spoke about the ladder, as a way of encouraging us to envision a future beyond any limitations.

I aimed to attend any university, but one day, a mentor urged me to shoot higher and try to get into a Russell Group university. Their belief in me was the motivation that propelled me forward, and now, I find myself on achieving that goal as a student at the University of Bristol.

Due to my curiosity about human behaviour and a genuine desire to understand why people do certain things. This led me to choose psychology as my field of study. Exploring the complexities of the human mind, deciphering motivations, and unravelling the intricacies of behaviour fascinates me. Simultaneously, the transformative power of education and the varied ways people learn captivated my attention. It became clear to me that the education field was a vital component in my pursuit of understanding human behaviour.

First Star UK had opened my eyes to the diverse learning experiences of foster children, highlighting the need for adaptable educational approaches.

Monica’s journey to university has been one of resilience and determination. She has fearlessly confronted and overcome each challenge and worked hard to achieve her goals. In addition to excelling academically, she has also chosen to give back by returning to First Star as a youth coach and mentor.