The Power Within: Exploring the Transformative Impact of Being on the Board of Trustees as a Teenage Scholar

In previous years, the inclusion of up to four scholars on the board of trustees has proven to be a remarkable initiative in providing valuable feedback and insights on the progress of scholars within the programme. Teshie, one of the scholars who had the privilege of being on the board, reflects on her experience, highlighting the empowering impact it had on her and her fellow scholars.

Teshie a Guardian Scholar from the First Star Programme

Teshie expresses her own transformation through this opportunity, emphasising how being on the board made her feel empowered. It provided her with a unique sense of responsibility and gave her a voice to advocate for the needs and concerns of her peers. This newfound empowerment allowed her to contribute actively to the decision-making processes that directly impacted the scholars’ experiences.

However, Teshie’s observations go beyond her personal growth. She shares a heart-warming account of witnessing a profound change in the personality of one of the shy scholars within their cohort. She recalls how this particular scholar, who had been reserved and introverted before, suddenly found his voice when given the opportunity to sit on the panel. Teshie notes with enthusiasm that this shy scholar began actively participating in discussions, sharing his thoughts, and expressing himself more openly than ever before.

The impact of being on the board of trustees had a transformative effect on this once-reticent scholar. It provided him with a platform to voice his opinions, contribute his ideas, and engage with confidence. Teshie emphasizes the significance of this change, remarking on the increased level of self-assurance and the newfound ability of the scholar to share his unique perspective.

The scholars’ involvement on the board of trustees not only empowers them individually but also strengthens the overall dynamics of the programme. By having scholars actively engaged in decision-making processes, it ensures that the perspectives and needs of those directly benefiting from the programme are heard and considered. This inclusive approach promotes a sense of ownership and shared responsibility among the scholars, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of the programme itself.

Teshie’s account serves as a powerful testament to the positive influence of involving scholars in important decision-making roles. By giving them a seat at the table, they are not only empowered but also provided with a platform to inspire change and contribute meaningfully to their own educational journeys. The transformation of the shy scholar into a confident, vocal participant demonstrates the immense potential within every scholar, waiting to be unlocked through opportunities that promote engagement and empowerment.

As the program continues to evolve and grow, the valuable insights and experiences shared by scholars on the board of trustees will continue to shape and improve the overall experience of scholars within the program. The success stories, like that of the previously reserved scholar finding his voice, further reinforce the significance of empowering young minds, giving them the confidence to express themselves, and creating an environment where their voices are not only heard but celebrated.

Sean the “shy scholar” speaking with the The mayor of Brighton and Hove Councillor Alan Robins

The inclusion of scholars on the board of trustees has proven to be an invaluable initiative that empowers scholars and brings about remarkable transformations. Teshie’s account of her own sense of empowerment and the positive change she witnessed in her fellow scholar’s personality underscores the importance of providing platforms that amplify the voices of scholars and foster their growth and development. Through such opportunities, scholars can truly thrive and contribute meaningfully to their own lives and the lives of those around them.