Volunteering is a wonderful way to make a positive impact in your community and contribute to causes you care about. Here are some different ways people can get involved


By delivering a session, you contribute to creating a well-rounded and comprehensive programme for our scholars, helping them broaden their perspectives, acquire new skills, and develop a strong foundation for their future endeavours. Your expertise and commitment to their success will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on their lives.


As a career mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide practical advice on resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and industry experience. Your mentorship can make a significant impact on the scholars’ confidence, motivation, and readiness for the workforce

Ways to get involved


Your contribution can make a significant difference in supporting our programmes and helping us provide valuable opportunities and resources to children in care.


As a youth coach, you will have the chance to provide support, guidance, and mentorship to the scholars, helping them navigate their educational journey and achieve their goals. You will have the opportunity to join in at residentials, share your knowledge, skills, and experiences to empower the scholars, boost their self-confidence

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I understand that I may appear in photos taken during the event and grant the Volunteer Organisation (hereby known as "First Star Scholars UK") to use my likeness in marketing materials, web and digital publications, and on social media. I understand that I might be exposed to sensitive information during my volunteer time and will not copy, reproduce, or otherwise share or distribute that information without permission from First Star Scholars UK. I understand that while volunteering, I am a representative of First Star Scholars UK and if my behaviour does not serve as a positive representation, I may be asked to leave.


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