Are you care experienced and in year 9?

This is your chance to sign up to a completely free summer residential programme. You’ll become a scholar and take part in amazing activities, meet new people, make life long friends, go on trips and learn life skills.

First Star 2U is a 4 year programme where we help you get all the skill you need for the career you want. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you become dancers, architects, lawyers. 

The Benefits


Everyone here has a common goal – Success what that looks like for each scholar varies but the support, love and guidance that everyone shows each other is of extreme importance.


Learn to have fun setting goals and get the results only you can to launch your career or get into the university of your choice. We empower you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.


Unlock all the joys of summer by learning new skills, creating unforgettable memories with life long friends, eating good food and getting support from other people on the same journey as you.

Here's How It Works

Nourish your creative spirit

Learning doesn't have to be boring. We deliver fun, interactive lessons to help you get the grades you need for the career you want: one Saturday session every month.

New Experiences

Days out are always exciting and a chance to do and learn something new from; high ropes to canoeing, business mentoring session, farming, theme parks and much more

Make New Friends

This is a safe place everyone here is from a care background. No one will judge you this is your place to fit in have, fun make mistakes and, try new things.

University Experience

Scholars spend their time on campus at the University of Sussex. Live in halls and eat 3 free meals a day in the canteen and experience the university life.

Support & Mentorship

Our focus is to provide training and long-term support. The programme runs for 4 years. GCSEs & college support, university & careers preparation

Are we liked?

First star helped me find my way. I’m doing travelling, working and I think I’m at the happiest place I've been in a long time. its nice to have people you can go to, to talk about your problems
First star is a place to build a story with people who are in a similar situation to your own. A place to learn life skills, go on fun activities and create everlasting memories.
These people here are not just people on a programme, they are my friend’s family and siblings now. I love them with all my heart we’ve been through it all.

Training & Extensive Support

      The programme develops and implements a life skills curriculum to ensure you’re prepared for adulthood. 

     Workshops focus on personal wellbeing, life skills, and include topics such as budgeting, nutrition, healthy relationships, and substance abuse.

      We provide a fulfilling and supportive environment appreciating collaboration and valuing diversity in partnership with the University of Sussex.



Join the fun