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With over 100,000 children in care and 9,890 in London alone - there is a need for programmes that make a difference

The difference First Star makes can be judged through our impact and outcomes

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First Star 2U

Welcome to our new programme 
Bringing First Star to you  Online and residential programme open to scholars from across the UK
Are you in year 9 (2021 - 2022) - are you in care - why not join us? - contact the Director - tom.kelly@

University of Winchester

Cohort one started with a successful residential in the summer of 2021 - We have some places remaining
If you are currently in year 10 contact the Director -

University of Sussex

Located just outside Brighton - we are delighted to welcome the University of Sussex into the First Star Family as host for the FS2U summer residentials.

First Star
St Mary's

Pilot cohort established in 2017 and graduated in 2021 - 50% going on to HE
2nd cohort started in 2019 passing GCSEs in 2021
We hope for a 3rd Cohort soon

Staffordshire University

Our newest programme - help us to open in 2022 - supported by 'Made in Stoke"
We are fundraising and will soon be able to recruit scholars

First Star in the USA

Launched in 2011 - First Star USA has 14 programmes nationally and continues to grow First Star UK and First Star USA are separate charities and entities.

Interested - contact us

Do you know a young person who would benefit from joining our programme – get their carer or the scholar to contact us